Norges Bank (NB) exchange rates

Currency 27.03.2017
EUR Euro 9,2188
USD US dollar 8,4662
GBP British pound 10,6700
CHF Swiss franc 860,5200
AUD Australian Dollar 6,4643
BGN Bulgarian lev 471,3600
BRL Brazilian real 2,7130
CAD Canadian dollar 6,3420
CNY Chinese yuan 123,0900
CZK Czech koruna 34,1170
DKK Danish krone 123,9000
HKD Hong Kong dollar 1,0899
HRK Croatian kuna 123,9200
HUF Hungarian forint 2,9718
IDR Indonesian rupiah 0,0636
ILS Israeli shekel 2,3420
INR Indian rupee 13,0180
JPY Japanese yen 7,6868
KRW South Korean won 0,7632
MXN Mexican peso 44,9900
MYR Malaysian ringgit 1,9184
NZD New Zealand dollar 5,9800
PHP Philippine peso 16,9100
PKR Pakistanian rupee 8,0760
PLN Polish zloty 2,1620
RON Romanian leu 202,6500
RUB Russian rouble 14,9010
SEK Swedish krona 96,5300
SGD Singapore dollar 6,0854
THB Thai baht 24,6470
TRY Turkish lira 235,1600
TWD Taiwan dollar 28,0970
ZAR South African rand 0,6699
BYR Belarussian rouble 0,0420

Norges Bank (NB) exchange rate for 27 March 2017

Monday, the Krone continued to depreciate with respect to the Euro. Thusly, the NB has given an exchange rate of 9,2188 Krone for the Euro and of 8,4662 Krone for the American Dollar.

Here are the links to the exchange rate for 27 March 2017 and to exchange rate for 24 March 2017

Norges Bank exchange rate

Norges Bank is changing the publication time of daily exchange rates from around 14:30 CET to around 16:00 CET as of 1 July 2016.

The published exchange rates will continue to be a point-in-time snapshot at 14:15 CET. The change is being made as a result of the change in publication time by the European Central Bank (ECB) of the euro foreign exchange reference rates to 16:00 CET.

NB exchange rate charts

Exchange rate chart