Currency converter for Norway

Advanced Norges Bank (NB) currency converter - 21 June 2024

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The converter is set to 21 June 2024 by default. This is the latest available NB exchange rate

The advanced currency conversion tool allows you to convert the entered amount against the Norges Bank's (NB) past and present exchange rates. In addition, you can also see the total amount with VAT included, as well as the amount of the VAT. You may also swap the direction of the conversion using the "swap currencies in converter" button.

What are the benefits of utilizing an online currency converter that incorporates official exchange rates from the National Bank?

Accurate and Reliable Rates: National banks are authoritative sources for exchange rates. By using their official rates, the currency converter ensures accuracy and reliability in its calculations. This allows users to obtain precise conversion results.

Current and Up-to-Date Rates: National banks regularly update their exchange rates to reflect the latest market conditions. By relying on an online converter that uses official rates, users can access real-time or near real-time rates, ensuring the most current and accurate conversions.

Trustworthiness and Transparency: Official rates from national banks carry credibility and trust. By using a currency converter that utilizes these rates, users can have confidence in the transparency and authenticity of the provided information.

Converter legend:

  1. NOK = Norwegian krone
  2. EUR = Euro
  3. USD = Dollar
  4. GBP = British pound
  5. CHF = Swiss franc
  6. SEK = Swedish krona
  7. DKK = Danish krone
  8. ISK = Icelandic krona
  9. AUD = Australian Dollar
  1. CAD = Canadian dollar
  2. CZK = Czech koruna
  3. BRL = Brazilian real
  4. CNY = Chinese yuan
  5. HKD = Hong Kong dollar
  6. HRK = Croatian kuna
  7. HUF = Hungarian forint
  8. IDR = Indonesian rupiah
  9. ILS = Israeli shekel
  1. INR = Indian rupee
  2. JPY = Japanese yen
  3. KRW = South Korean won
  4. MXN = Mexican peso
  5. MYR = Malaysian ringgit
  6. NZD = New Zealand dollar
  7. PHP = Philippine peso
  8. PKR = Pakistanian rupee
  9. PLN = Polish zloty
  1. RON = Romanian leu
  2. RUB = Russian rouble
  3. BGN = Bulgarian lev
  4. SGD = Singapore dollar
  5. THB = Thai baht
  6. TRY = Turkish lira
  7. TWD = Taiwan dollar
  8. ZAR = South African rand
  9. BYR = Belarussian rouble